Sunday, July 13, 2014


Well, I searched high and low for some liquid starch and ended up empty handed. Walmart apparently no longer sells it either. While I was still at Walmart, I did a quick search on my phone to see what else I could use. I grabbed an Elmer's Glue, though most instructions say to use white glue. Not sure if the clear will work? But I thought I would give it a try if Epsom Salts don't do the job. I was a little more interested in trying Epsom Salts, as that sounds a lot less messy and sticky than most of the others. Today though after doing more searching, I discovered a few other things I can use for stiffening snowflakes, so I should be able to figure out something. First though I will try the Epsom Salts. I now have everything I need to stiffen and block snowflakes: pins, clear plastic wrap, cardboard, and Epsom Salts (or maybe glue?). I also found a lovely thing of crochet thread at Walmart that appears to be a type of Christmas colors variegated thread. I have never seen these color combinations together in a crochet thread, so I grabbed one! I will share a photo of that eventually...

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