Thursday, July 24, 2014

remicade day and crochet bag

99 Little DoiliesThe Official Quotable Doctor Who: The Wit and Wisdom of Doctor Who Tomorrow is a Remicade day for my oldest daughter, which consists of a 1-1/2 hour drive to the childrens hospital and an IV for about 3 hours (along with everything else that encompasses the preparing and phasing) to receive the medicine that helps keep Crohn's Disease in a more calm state. They can sometimes be pretty rough for my daughter (there has been times the process lasted 7 hours), and it is definitely mentally draining for me. This is something we do every 8 weeks, so it is well within our routine at this point. So that means today my daughter is drinking lots and lots of water to make the IV insertion and blood work go smoother, and I am just simply trying to relax so that I can tackle the day tomorrow with gusto. I finally finished watching all 7 seasons of Doctor Who on Netflix, so that is now sadly off the table, but I think I will be enjoying The Official Quotable Doctor Who book, along with watching some movies. I have grown to understand a do-nothing-day is kind a requirement for me right before a Remicade day, so I try to restrict myself from doing anything that stresses me out or makes me tired. 

One thing I will work on today is a little crocheted bag I am making to hold crochet thread in while I crochet. I felt inspired to create my own doily pattern after looking through 99 Little Doilies and realizing a lot of them were a little over my head! Once I started on creating a doily, it morphed into this bag. Funny how one can be inspired by something in a book and end up creating something so different. Love how inspiration works in this world... 

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