Sunday, July 13, 2014

sunday reads #3

99 Snowflakes The Quotable Doctor Who: Wise Words from Across Space and Time The Three Theban Plays: Antigone / Oedipus the King / Oedipus at Colonus

I will probably be crocheting a couple of snowflakes today, using patterns from 99 Snowflakes, but will also be dipping into a couple of new reads I purchased at Barnes and Noble last night. I love reading Sophocles, however, my copy is not the one pictured, but is the Barnes and Noble classics. After getting more into this copy, I am not 100% pleased with it. I think I misunderstood the type of translation reading the first few lines in the store, as it is really a translation that wipes out any old feel from it, which I don't like. It does not come across poetic or beautiful in the way it is written, but is, of course, readable. I will most likely replace it with a better copy suited to my likings sometime in the future. I am finding this whole array of so many translations for all of these ancient writings to be very frustrating! I do have a copy on my Kindle that I love, though it is not spaced how it should be, and many lines are jumbled together in paragraph form which makes it harder to read. Plus, I can't seem to find in that book who actually translated it to make it easier on me! I also got The Quotable Doctor Who. I really thought this book would be fun, but did not realize when I handed it to my husband for him to checkout (while I took my girls to the rest room), that it was $20. It is hardcover, but after leafing through it at home, I don't believe it is worth that much. I wish I had taken more time in the store to figure that out, but after our long day we were having, my mind was a bit scattered. O-well. I have it now, and a copy of Sophocles Theban plays, which I will still enjoy reading both!

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