Friday, July 11, 2014

sci-fi corny fun

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy #1-5)So, my second book I purchased for myself at the lovely Barnes and Noble this week is The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a volume with all five novels in one! This is a book, specifically the all five novel version, has been in my hands many many times throughout the past 10 years. I've always looked at it, wondered about it, my curiosity wanting to dig into it, but never actually purchased or borrowed a copy to read. I was told several times by my husband that he really thought I wouldn't like it, and as a reader, I probably shouldn't have listened! But I did. Why now? I recently started watching Dr. Who for the first time, deciding to figure out what all this raving was about, and absoultely LOVE the show. I find it funny and whimsical in a sci-fi kinda way. It is a super corny show, which I find commical. So while I was at the book store Monday, I once again found myself holding a gigantic hardcover copy of all five of these novels bound up together, once again wondering. I called my husband to ask him why exactly he thought I wouldn't like the novels, and his response, "well, now that I know you like lame humor like Dr. Who, you probably will like it." Ahhh. What he refers to as lame, I call innocent! I have always been someone that kind of dislikes jokes that are making fun of people or serious issues, and rarely enjoy any comedians that rant about vulgar things that leaves everyone else rolling in laughter. But Dr. Who, that makes me laugh out loud! Needless to say, I snatched up the book. Well, not exactly. The book was hardcover an weighed about a ton. I hate books like that for personal casual reading. I can't stand a book that is so large or so heavy that it is uncomfortable to sit down and read with. I kept my eye out for a softcover edition, and of course, I found a stack of them hidden in the store behind other things on an endcap. Even though they were inconspicuous, the stack popped into my vision almost instantly, just as this book seems to be over and over again throughout the past years. So, I guess you could say that my experience of this book trying to find its way permanently into my hands, and my new found love of Dr. Who, I was inspired to finally purchase this lovely book (or five books). I started reading it immediately when I got home and found myself cracking smiles instantly. I am guessing I will love these books!

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  1. It is on my list too, one of these days i'll get it started.