Thursday, July 3, 2014

colostomy bags!

I just came across this article, and was floored (in a super way). Basically, a young woman thought her modeling career was over after having a colostomy due to Crohn's Disease. She apparently posted a photo of herself in a bikini, exposing her two colostomy bags, and shared it with the Crohn's and Colitis UK Facebook page. What an amazing woman! It just warms my heart to see such beautiful people in this world. This is truly a terrible disease that can destroy a young girls self image, and I absolutely love that this woman is exposing herself in this way, showing all the little girls who suffer in the same manner, that they do not need to be embarrassed. I have been waiting for more celebrities and well known people that suffer with this disease to speak up and spread the awareness about this disease, using their position fuel the need for a cure in our world. I will be anxious to see what comes of this young woman and if she is paving the way for others to step our from behind the curtains and allow themselves to be. 
The disappointing part is the many negative comments, claiming that she is doing nothing brave and how disgusting it is. It is sad that they fail to realize that it is people exactly like them that make her action brave, that someone in her position has to face such rotten negativity just to be herself and in her own skin. 
I do hope this young woman's self confidence continues to soar and becomes an example for many others to follow.

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