Saturday, July 5, 2014

equestria girls outfit crochet pattern

Created by paperdollmom, Copyright 2014

Materials needed: Patons Stretchy Kroy yarn and a size 2 hook


-chain 24, sc in second chain from the hook

-sc across the rest of the row, chain 1, turn 

-sc across for 4 more rows, making sure to chain 1 and turn after each (will be a total of 5 rows)

-sc in first 4 sts, chain 9, skip next 3 sc, sc in the 4th st and continue for 8 more sts

-chain 9, skip next 3 sc, sc in the very last 4 stitches of the row, chain 1, turn (you have now made 2 armholes)

-sc in first 3 sts, decrease 2 stst at the same time (by combining 3 sc together), continue to sc around the arm for 5 more chains, then combine the last two chains and the first sc together (just as you did right before the armhole). 

-continue on sc across the row, decrease 1 sts in the very middle of the row

-continue sc across the row and over the armhole chains, but decrease 2 sts before and after the armhole just as you did the first armhole

-slip stitch down the back to close the shirt

-once you get to the bottom of the shirt and are done with slip stitching it closed, begin to crochet a ruffle around the bottom of the shirt by 1 sc, chain 3, all the way around the bottom

-slip stitch the last chain to the first sc of the ruffle

-finish off


pant leg (crochet 2, but do not finish off the second)

-chain 22, sc in first chain you made to create a loop

-working in rounds, sc a total of 5 rows around

-sc around while decreasing 2 stitches anywhere in the round (spaced out)

-now sc 7 total rows around

-sc around while decreasing 1 stitch anywhere in the row
 *repeat this step for 4 more rounds (5 total)...making sure to decrease the stitch in a different spot in each row

-sc around for a total of 17 rows (there should be 15 sts in the rounds now)


-after the second pant leg, start immediately connecting it to the first pant leg by slip stitching them together for 4 stitches total on each pant leg

-start sc around both pant legs, a total of 24 stitches around now (I used the same 2 sc in the front and back of the pants that were used in the slip stitching and combined them into a decrease stitch)

-sc around for 4 more rows (5 total)

-finish off

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