Thursday, July 3, 2014

99 Snowflakes

99 Snowflakes99 Snowflakes by Allan Ed. House
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The title of this book says it all, 99 thread crochet snowflake patterns are written throughout this oversized 55 paged craft book. They are each listed with a number, a black and white photo, and clear instructions (even giving directions for those more advanced stitches within the pattern for that snowflake). There is also a list of crochet stitches in the front of the book with instructions, and blocking charts near the back of the book with instructions on how to do so. The middle section of the book contains several pages that are in color that display the finished and hung crocheted snowflakes, as well as they are displayed on the front and back cover. My only qualm about the book is that I kind of hate black and white craft instruction books, however, it truly does not affect the usefulness of this book (as in all actuality the snowflakes are generally done in white anyways), but I just think it would be prettier! This is really a superb book for anyone that wants to crochet snowflakes. It is nice to have such an abundance of patterns to choose from all in one book.

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