Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Dandelions' sunshine feel
Ivy leaves winding 'round
Venus Fly Trap's flying meal
Elephants' trumpeting sound
Red skinned man with herbs to heal
Snakes slithering on the ground
Iceburg beneath barking seals
The bald eagle rarely found
Yellow rock beneath your heel

Written by K, Copyright 2013

happy new year

So, the new year is upon us, which always has my mind thinking of a new year resolution that will help me to progress as a person and keep a bit of goodness in my life. My number one goal for myself is to continue meditating on a regular basis to help calm my mind from my OCD, and continue to grow in practicing energy work to help my family and I. That is really always my underlying goals...to help calm my OCD and to help my oldest daughter with her Crohn's Disease, and anyone else in my family with whatever might arise throughout the year.
Aside from all of that, I have been trying to decide what else I might want to throw into the mix that could add some smiles into the next 52 weeks. I really love blogging, but seem to struggle with being dedicated to one. So I've decided to start with this blog and work on being a more regular poster. I have created an Acrostic weekly meme to help out with that, to keep my writing going, and to keep this blog more regularly updated. I have always been a writer and have really struggled to keep my mind writing these past few years with so much stress. I took a couple of poetry courses online (to get out of the box of rhyming poetry), and fell in love with Acrostic poetry. I find it fun to try to write a poem with such a structure, like putting a poetry puzzle together. I really wish I could find more poets that use this form, so I am hoping that my weekly meme will attract a few writers to share.
As for the rest of my family, my oldest has decided to try to exercise more, my youngest wants to write more, and my husband has a few goals involving his favorite online game. I think we are all set for the new year! How about you? Any goals? Feel free to list your goals in the comments, or leave a link to your own blog post for me to check out. And don't forget to have a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

an acrostic monday: ink of my pen

I feel overwhelmed or
Not myself, or even a tad
Kooky- I grab my pen

On top of my desk to
Finalize through poem.

My tears or laughter are over
Yander, mingled amidst my words,

Paper scarred with marks and scribbles
Eternally mine and
Never forgotten.

Written by K, Copyright 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

what's in the air

I reach my hand out
into the air
and watch the blackness
absorb into my skin.
My fingertips turn black,
dying dead,
spreading up my arm
like a spiderweb.
I can soon feel
my heart skip a beat,
or two, or possibly
not beating at all.
My lips feel cold and blue
as if I am at Death's
heavy door.
I gasp for air,
my last breath surely,
as I pump the foaming soap.
I wash my hands
and wash again, and
once more for good measure.
The blackness fades,
my lips turn pink,
and my heart beats true 
once more.

Written by K, Copyright 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas morning

Christmas morning
Frost in the air
Church bells ringing
Cherubs singing
Snowflakes everywhere

Written by K, Copyright 2013

happy holidays

With Christmas nearly upon us, I thought I'd take a moment today to wish all my readers a happy holiday season. I hope that you are able to nestle up closely with loved ones, eat delicious foods, and enjoy love and laughter within your warm home. Don't forget to add a dash of poetry along the way!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas eve

Change of spirit
Roaming through our
Inner beings.
Sensitive of
The love we can
Amongst those around us,

Entertaining the
Very notion of
Eternal bliss.

Written by K, Copyright 2013

an acrostic monday: gifts

Gathering of loved ones
Intermingled with melodies
Fancy foods wafting as
Time stands

Written by K, Copyright 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

my december letter

Dear December,
     This is a tad early, but I felt like writing my letter with Christmas just around the corner. I know this is the month one should reflect upon all of the many blessings that swirl around our every days, but this month my heart has been in the palms of dreams made by the Sandman himself. I think this monthly letter will be about what I strive for the most, my Christmas wishes.
     Nestled in every nook and cranny of my body rests my strongest desire, my most wished for wish, healing. I wish for the healing of my daughter and for myself from the diseases that plague us. I wish my oldest daughter could be free of doctor appointments, colonoscopies, medications, infusions, aches and pains, and constipation. I wish that she would not know what it feels like to be on steroids and experience withdrawals. I wish that she could sit down to eat a meal without having so many food limitations. I wish that she would not have to spend so much of her days in the bathroom. I wish that she would have no painful secrets to swipe into hiding from others, and that she could grow throughout her childhood knowing what it is like to truly be a child. I wish my daughter to be healed from Crohn's Disease.
     I wish for the healing of myself, from my mind that torments me through OCD. I wish that I could walk freely amidst my home with my mind being able to accept that I will not be contaminated by some deadly germ. I wish that I could look at the people that I love without having terrible worries about their safety and wellbeing playing vividly through my mind. I wish that I could stop washing my hands and forearms before they crack and bleed. I wish that I could be free from the trappings of compulsive thoughts so that I can be a better mother and wife. But most of all, I wish for my own healing because it would give me a glimmer of hope that it was possible for my daughter.
     This month my mind has been infiltrated by the notion of true healing. This month my heart has gotten caught up in the spirit of Christmas miracles. This month my Christmas wish is healing.

David Trinidad's Rapunzel

This is one of my favorite poetry books. Not sure if I've mentioned it before on this blog, but I've been enjoying reading it this lovely Sunday. One poem that stuck out for me today was "Rapunzel" by David Trinidad. I love this book and how it brings fairytales to life, literally, adding a dose of reality to what we've always known to be so pretty and perfect. In David Trinidad's version of Rapunzel, she is not a pretty princess happily waiting in a tower for her prince to arrive; she is a young woman trapped in a tower with that pain and sorrow that infiltrates her life. My favorite line is the last few:
If only she'd say:
"Here, take this pair of scissors and cut your hair before it
twists into spaces between the bricks like vines." I'd slit my wrists.
It is a heavy ending to a poem, enlightening the readers to the true magnitude of what it could feel like being that beloved character, Rapunzel. I am always wearisome about sharing another's work on my blogs, but I did find somewhere online that is sharing this poem. Please click here to go and read this wonderful work and let me know what you think.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

the crypt stinks

The crypt stinks
of musty dust,
The glow of the moon
casting deformed
upon the coffin lid.
It's slowly pushed aside,
a hand that searches
for an escape it cannot

Written by K, Copyright 2013


Broken pieces
Amongst the carpet
Underneath the tree
Bleeding toes
Lights aglow
Evening time for tea

Written by K, Copyright 2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

angel ornament

Its dew drop shape
so elegant and smooth,
delicately painted
with precision.
Golden wings displayed
beside a flowing white dress.
Her eyes passionately closed
while her talented fingers
pluck the lute strings,
creating the soft tinklings
that dance around the tree.

Written by K, Copyright 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013

lost progress

I can feel it rising
from the recesses of my brain
as it invades all parts
of my being, through to the bone.
That aching sensation of the need
to panic
to cry
at what lurks in my surroundings
until I am once again
where I started.

Written by K, Copyright 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

decorated tree

Dancing Lights
Emmenate around the
Cozy room as
Ornaments dangle from
Random prickling branches.
Atop the top sits
The star, calling
Everyone to see the
Dreamy magic

That encircles
Round about the evergreen,
Enticing hearts to be
Effervescently in harmony.

Written by K, Copyright 2013


Constantly on look
Out of mind in what ifs
Mantras rolling on loops
Persuading unsuccessfully
Underestimating the power of
Listless worries
Straining back tears of panic
Into an unsettled mind that
Ventures along the line of insanity
Enduring the inner conflict

Written by K, Copyright 2013