Tuesday, December 31, 2013

happy new year

So, the new year is upon us, which always has my mind thinking of a new year resolution that will help me to progress as a person and keep a bit of goodness in my life. My number one goal for myself is to continue meditating on a regular basis to help calm my mind from my OCD, and continue to grow in practicing energy work to help my family and I. That is really always my underlying goals...to help calm my OCD and to help my oldest daughter with her Crohn's Disease, and anyone else in my family with whatever might arise throughout the year.
Aside from all of that, I have been trying to decide what else I might want to throw into the mix that could add some smiles into the next 52 weeks. I really love blogging, but seem to struggle with being dedicated to one. So I've decided to start with this blog and work on being a more regular poster. I have created an Acrostic weekly meme to help out with that, to keep my writing going, and to keep this blog more regularly updated. I have always been a writer and have really struggled to keep my mind writing these past few years with so much stress. I took a couple of poetry courses online (to get out of the box of rhyming poetry), and fell in love with Acrostic poetry. I find it fun to try to write a poem with such a structure, like putting a poetry puzzle together. I really wish I could find more poets that use this form, so I am hoping that my weekly meme will attract a few writers to share.
As for the rest of my family, my oldest has decided to try to exercise more, my youngest wants to write more, and my husband has a few goals involving his favorite online game. I think we are all set for the new year! How about you? Any goals? Feel free to list your goals in the comments, or leave a link to your own blog post for me to check out. And don't forget to have a Happy New Year!

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