Friday, July 11, 2014

floppy snowflakes

Today I wanted to try to create a snowflake necklace. I used a pretty variegated summer colored thread, and crocheted 4 snowflakes all in a string, then continued on by crocheting the chain. I used my 99 Snowflakes book for snowflake the pattern. I think it turned out nicely, although I am partial to the bracelet I made for the 4th of July. I think I will try to make more bracelets in the future. I also got started on making some plain white snowflakes, and this particular pattern I decided to try, (again from 99 Snowflakes), was brutal! It was really a simple pattern, but either there was something about how it was written that was confusing, or my mind was not in a place to follow the pattern easily. I had to take apart and redo this snowflake probably about 10 times. After the first couple of times, I was determined to complete it! Now I just need to get some liquid starch to block some flakes. I am having a tough time finding any, does anyone sell liquid starch anymore? Last time I got it at Walmart (I still need to check there). I actually still have that bottle of liquid starch, with plenty to use, but it is trapped within my laundry room. My laundry room is a huge OCD trigger for me, and there is no possible way for me to remove that bottle from my laundry room and use in other areas of my house without slipping into a downward spiral of endless OCD, germs, contamination, and all that goodness. It is a room in my house that I cannot fully break a contamination association with, and have to shower after stepping foot in there. So there it sits, as I continue to look. And this little snowflake stays floppy...
I may have to find something else to use if I cannot find it at Walmart. That will require some research, as I have never used anything other than liquid starch. Anyone else use something different to block your snowflakes?

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