Saturday, July 5, 2014

Barbie Dressed for Crohn's Disease Awareness crochet pattern

Spreading Crohn's Disease Awareness is dear to my heart, as my oldest daughter was diagnosed with this terrible disease in 2010.
Created by paperdollmom, Copyright 2014
materials: Craftsmart Value Yarn (very similar to Red Heart) in Orchard Mist and Purple, and an H hook
-chain 16, SC in the first chain made to create a loop
-SC around the rest of the round
-SC around the next round while increasing 1 stitch 2 times near the front
-SC around for 1 round
-SC around while decreasing 1 stitch 2 times near the front of the dress
-SC around for 2 rounds
-SC around this next round while increasing 1 stitch 8 times throughout the round
-SC for a total of 12 more rounds
-finish off
Crohn's Disease Awareness Ribbons:
-chain 12, cut the end of yarn long (you will be using it to stitch the ribbon onto the dress)
-while the dress is on the doll, place the purple ribbon chains on the dress where you want them and stitch them onto the dress
-finish off
*You can also get different colors for the dress and ribbons to create a Barbie awareness dress for a different disease or disorder that is dear to your heart...

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