Monday, July 28, 2014

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette: The Journey Marie Antoinette: The Journey

I have restarted a biography of Marie Antoinette, one that I barely dug into before that I have been wanting to read. I have the historical looking version on my Kindle, though I would love to have the movie cover version in my hands. It is so beautiful! I have seen the movie and loved it, and have been fascinated by this women. I feel like no matter what I have seen or read about her, I always still feel like I know almost nothing about her. So I purchased this book a while back, hoping to actually learn a lot more about this woman. It is quite a lengthy book, but I hope to actually make it through. Not sure if it can be done without a break to read other things, but I am determined!


  1. If you're looking for another good book about Marie Antoinette, I really enjoyed Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution by Caroline Weber. It's all about how the queen's fashion choices and how these statements were statements about society. It's a fascinating, well written book that made me think differently about Marie Antoinette.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion...I may just look into that! I've always been so curious about her, somehow knowing there is more to this woman that what most say about her. I am barely into this book and already find her so fascinating.