Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I glance at my hands

I glance at my hands
wondering why...
     darkness beneath my skin.
I look about me
wondering how...
     my view is my sin.
I crave something,
wondering what...
     feeling lost within.
A voice whispering,
wondering who...
     knowing its not my kin.

Written by K, Copyright 2014

*This poem is being share with the Midweek Motif over at Poets United, with the prompt of addressing UFO day (which was July 2nd).


  1. That strangeness which may be a passing mood or an alien take-over is familiar to many of us. You capture it well, filled with suspense.

  2. kinda glad i do not see my sin when i look at myself...
    i think that would be kinda scary actually...especially considering
    there are none without sin.

  3. This has a sense of eeriness about it in keeping with the UFO theme.

  4. I hope this never happens to me, wondering whether my skin is mine or anybody else's and whose that voice is.

  5. i like how you've created an alien feeling, uneasy & scary....

  6. 'my view is my sin' a very haunting have created a wonderful sense of other worldliness..

  7. A rather eery tone, which is perfect for a UFO poem! I enjoyed it.

  8. Thank you all for reading and taking the time to comment!