Tuesday, July 1, 2014

crochet snowflakes

99 Snowflakes
I have been really plagued by what to crochet lately, having the desire, but in that "crocheter's block" phase. I was inspired to dig out my books I own for thread crochet, after whipping up a couple of bookmarks. I especially love this particular book, though I have several filled with snowflake patterns. I remember back when I first discovered crocheted snowflakes, amazed at the endless creativity of such a simple project. I am always drawn to simplicity for some reason. I am thinking I may start crocheting some snowflakes more regularly; I've always wanted to have an abundance to put on our Christmas tree, yet I have never really made the effort early enough in the year to accomplish it. I no longer have the supplies I will need for blocking them (starching and pinning them so they will harden and hold their shape), but should be easy enough to get this weekend. First though, I have something a little more 4th of July I want to work up.  
Lacy Snowflakes (Leisure Arts #3647) This is my other book filled with snowflake patterns, all just as beautiful as every other. I have not tried enough of these patterns out, I hope to change that! I also own a book with Christmas patterns that contains a few more snowflake patterns, but lets not forget the endless free snowflake patterns at anyone's fingertips on the internet! Now I just need to get out of my funk and start a few. After I look through the books a few more times...

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