Saturday, July 5, 2014

fairytale cloak for any doll crochet pattern

Created by paperdollmom, Copyright 2014

Materials: almost an entire skein of Patons Stretchy Sock Yarn and a size 1 hook


 -chain 50, sc in 2nd from the hook and sc across the row
(See * below if you are crocheting for a doll with a larger sized head, such as an Ever After High doll, and wish to have a roomier hood)

-chain 2, turn

-complete 6 more rows (7 total rows) of DC across (remember to chain 2 and turn at the end of each row

-DC across next row by decreasing 1 stitch 5 times in the middle of the row, chain 2, turn

-repeat the previous step

-cut yarn with plenty of length and stitch closed the back of the hood


-now crochet SC across the bottom of the hood, chain 1, turn

-SC in first and last 8 stitche of the row, while SC in stitch, chain3 in all the stitches between to create a ruffle (except at the edges); chain 2 and turn at the end of the row

-now simply DC across (remembering to chain 2 and turn at the end of each row) for  32 rows

-finish off

*I did finally try this cloak on an Ever After High doll, and it was a bit snug in the hood area. It can still work, but if you are making it specifically for an Ever After High, I would maybe chain 65 instead of 50, and maybe 10 rows instead of 7. Let me know if you give this a try and how it turns out! (Remember, you can hold the hood up to your doll's head to see if it will fit good before continuing on)...

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