Friday, January 2, 2015

Winx Club free crochet shirt pattern, easily adaptable for any fashion doll

Created by paperdollmom, Copyright 2015
Materials: Bernat Softee Baby Yarn and a size I hook
Starting at the bottom of the shirt:
-Chain 21, DC in 3rd from hook
-DC across (19 sts) for a total of 3 rows (remember to ch 2 and turn at the end of each row)
-DC across next row, while decreasing a stitch 3 times, ch 2, turn
-1 row of DC, ch 2, turn
-DC across next row, while decreasing a stitch 3 times
-Slip stitch down the back to close the shirt

-Finish off

*I created this shirt to be a bit bigger than usual, to allow for the doll to also wear crocheted bottoms. The dolls arms simply go through the spaces between the DC stitches. If you push the arms through the first top row of DC stitches, the shirt appears more as a tank top, and if you use the second row of DC stitches, the shirt appears more as a t-shirt, which is pictured above. I slipped her arms through two different rows by accident and discovered this awesomeness! I also added the scrap tail of yarn I cut off around her waist for an added something special.

**This pattern also fits Barbie dolls, though is a bit tighter, revealing more skin from beneath as the stitches are spaced out DC stitches. It will definitely fit Barbie dolls great, but if you prefer the bulkier look as in the picture above, I would maybe add 5 stitch in your beginning chain, and work the pattern as normal, knowing you will be starting out with rows of 24 over 19. I am pretty sure they would fit Ever After High pretty well, I think their body sizes are more comparable to Winx Club. Might be a tad big on Monster High dolls...but again, I'm sure it could work, you could leave off a couple stitches in the initial chain for Monster High if you think it needs to be smaller. A very simple, easily adaptable pattern for any fashion doll!

***This pattern could also be made much longer to create a dress of various lengths.

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