Wednesday, January 21, 2015

one skein infinity scarf free crochet pattern

Created by paperdollmom, Copyright 2015

Materials: one skein of Loop & Thread Impeccable Yarn and a size I hook

-Chain 180, slip stitch to the very first chain you made (making sure the chain is not twisted) to form a loop
-Chain 3 (first DC) and DC around, slip stitch to the top of the first DC to end round
-Chain 3 (first DC of new round), and DC around. Continue to repeat the rounds until you have a total of 5 rows (or more if you want your scarf to be thicker, however you will need more than one skein)
-On the sixth round, immediately start into the fun edging. Chain 3 (first DC), then 4DC in the first space between the first 2 DC stitches from the previous row. Drop stitch and pick up the top of the first DC stitch you just made, then add the stitch you dropped, and pull the yarn through both stitches. This is kind of like a popcorn, but less DC stitches, as I wasn't liking how the full popcorn looked.
-Chain 3, then do another altered popcorn stitch in the next 3rd space between the DC stitches in the previous row (so you are skipping 2 spaces, and crocheting in the third space). Then chain 3, and continue to repeat this pattern around.
-You can finish this off, then start this edging over again using the horizontal stitch that runs across the ends of each row instead of the DC spaces. You will continue to chain 3 between each  stitch you make, and skip 2 between each, exactly like the previous row of stitches. I ran this edging along the middle row of those horizontal stitches. Hope this picture helps to explain what I am talking about:
-Finish off! If you want to make it bulkier, you can crochet the edging around the top  row as well, but again, you will need a second skein of yarn. You could definitely make this scarf more full with a second skein, but adding maybe 1 or 2 more initial rounds, and crocheting more rows of edging, however, using the one skein is still beautiful and cozy!

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