Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I caught a mini marathon of the TV show House yesterday. I was browsing through the channels, finding nothing good to watch, but with an inner need to find something interesting. I eventually found myself landing on a channel showing the show House over the next several hours following. My husband came home from work and settled in his chair, joining in the House fun! I thought I would record a few thoughts about what I think about this show overall, in general. We have watched this show a lot, and I do love it. I don't think I have ever truly watched the show in the order it was created, nor had I ever followed along in a current season. I believe I have only watched the shows as repeats or marathons whenever I catch them on TV, and every time I do, I am reminded how much I absolutely love this show. I spend quite a bit of time in children hospitals and doctor offices. The pharmacy we go to knows my daughter by name. The medical system is no stranger to us. We have had terrible doctors, more than our fair share, and I just admire the character House. I love that he is written so sarcastic and grumpy. I love that he is such a sour person, but yet so smart and just does his job, saving so many people. I love how every episode is about someone new, with some unknown ailment, that usually ends with at least part of a happy ending as House pieces the puzzles together and treats them. The answers are found in the end by the team of doctors' dedication, which is pleasing for me to see. It took my daughter's GI doctor 1 whole year to diagnose her with Crohn's Disease, even though I suggested that could be the culprit on her very first visit (to which the doctor responded with a laugh). The show is filled with so many wonderful characters, from Cuddy to Thirteen, to Chase. The show really makes me wish so many more doctors were more passionate about what they do, to actually get done what needs to get done so the patient can heal. I really don't have anything terrible to say about the show overall. No bad or strange thing comes to mind about this show, unless you want to get into the strange activities and demeanor of House himself!

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