Thursday, January 15, 2015

a letter to my younger self

I was Google searching journaling prompts late last night before bed, and one of the questions gave me pause. What would you tell your teen self? I've been pondering on this since I read it, wondering exactly what I would tell my teen self. Of course, one immediately thinks on the ways of life and the world, and what you could share to your younger self that would prevent heartache or the things you have done that have pulled you so far from where you needed to be, that finding the light to make your way back was a challenge you want to bypass. For myself, I don't think there is anything I would change or do differently, as I was born with a very high standard of morality and value instilled in my soul, that I would cry at the thought of doing wrong. So, that means I did not drink underage, I did not even really drink of age. I never even tried smoking a cigarette or any other kind of drugs. I went to college right out of high school; I always strived for the best grades. I think that most of my challenges I experienced in life that could use loving guidance prior have occurred as an adult. What would I say to my younger self about that? Here is what I came up with, in letter format, because that's just what I would get:

Dear Me,
You are a strong young woman that can truly tackle anything that arises in your life, no matter how deeply it cuts. Never forget that. Always listen to your inner guidance; listen to your gut feelings and set aside anything in your life that teaches differently, because that inner guidance is from the Divine, speaking just for you. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is impossible. You will one day find yourself staring at the world with new eyes, eyes that will leave you raw from the sight, eyes that will never see the same again, but that is okay. It is this new sight that will lead you to the understanding that anything is truly possible, and that there is more truth around us than most acknowledge. It can take some time to see, but never doubt that it is there, waiting. Love matters. Love is powerful, and love matters. Love will be your guiding force, sparking your inner soul's journey. There will be moments that feel like all is lost, but remember that love. The love you hold for others, the love others hold for you, the love you have for yourself, and the love from the Divine that embraces your every moment. Stay strong, be strong, and never forget that you are strong. Your life will be beautiful, always remember to see it. You can't? Look harder. It is there, always.  

I feel like if I was to write a letter to myself, it would be on pretty heavy topics, as that is where I would need help, but it would be about things I would not want to say to my younger self. So, even though I think this letter may be pure nonsense to my younger self (and I suppose possibly to others?), I would keep it and read it frequently (I just know I would). Then when specific challenges arise, I would know the right things to tell myself, those inner thoughts that I should put on a loop to help instill strength and remind me of beauty, and maybe help me feel a little less lost in the world. And to be honest, this is probably a letter I could even read now, whenever I am feeling like I have been lost amidst the fog of the world.

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