Monday, January 26, 2015

Death of a Library

Our base library closed many months ago which was so depressing. I loved having a library so close and easy to rent from. I have missed it! This week they have decided to allow us to come in and pick through all the books to take for free, as they are getting them ready for recycling. I was super excited when I found out about this, as they have a few books that I read from them that I have been debating on buying for myself. I quickly figured out I was not going to be able to find much of anything I was looking for, as the library was in shambles. The shelves were already dismantled, some books boxed up, most books lined up against the walls in really high stacks, none of the spines showing. Soon after people began rummaging through the stacks, they slid into more of a heaping pile of crazy. 
I mainly just continued to browse around the library and grabbing things that I thought might be a good read. The diggers in the room, those enthusiastically unearthing as many books from the piles as they could, gave me endless book browsing. I ended up leaving with 3 bags full of books (the bags kindly provided, and reusable), 36 books total. I wont go through them all in this post, but I will share my favorites that I found. I did grab quite a few animal nonfiction books for my girls. They now have books on gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, gorillas, and a few other random things. For myself, I was hoping to come across a few classics, poetry, biographies, and a specific Star Wars book. There was no Star Wars to be seen, classics were nonexistent, with poetry and biographies rare. I did hope to find an Emily Dickenson poetry book, and was happy when I discovered Final Harvest: Emily Dickenson's Poems on a stack of books. I was also hoping to find a biography on Willa Cather, and snatched up Willa Cather: Double Lives when I saw it teetering on another pile of books. Those are my absolute two favorite finds. Here are some of my other favorites:
The rest of the books for myself were pretty random books that I'm not sure if I will really like them or not. Overall, I am happy that I was able to go and browse and take some books home. My girls were enjoying looking through all their new animal books. I now have plenty of new books to dig into, though I definitely miss having our base library.

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