Sunday, January 4, 2015

re-vamping my blog and New Year resolutions

I've been thinking long and hard throughout the month of December, trying to come up with a new year's resolution. I am a big fan of trying to build up self improvements or setting goals with my children, mainly to instill the idea and thoughts about always bettering who we are as a person. Whether that means learning a new skill, becoming better in a skill we already know, working on a personal flaw or bad habit, or to simply be more mindful of the blessings in our life. I think it is important to know that we can have an impact on how our year will go, even if just a small one. It starts one out with a fresh, optimistic view, and can get one excited for what is to come, mixed amongst all the monotonous days before.
With all that said, I could not come up with a new year's resolution for myself, which I found to be slightly depressing. The only thing I could think of that I had an inner desire to do, was to write more. However, I could not come up with anything that I wanted to write about. I am sure most of this un-excitement stems from continual coming and going phases of depression that tends to glide in unexpectedly. It sets in with a huge distaste for just about any hobby I genuinely love at other times, and leaves me simply un-excited about anything. This was a bit of a double whammy with it being New Years and all.
As I was browsing online, purchasing a couple of things for my daughters to help with their resolutions, such as a book to further my oldest's Rainbowloom talents and some Perler Beads to re-instate my youngest's long lost creativity in that arena, I stumbled upon 5 year journals. I had never heard of these prior. Well, actually I heard about them in a youtube video on a channel I watch regularly, and had no idea what a 5 year journal was. So I did a search on Amazon. As I browsed through them, I become more intrigued and interested in starting on this endeavor. I chose a beautiful Jane Austen themed 5 year journal that displays a Jane Austen quote for each day of the year. I think that I just simply need to focus on journaling. I am a highly sensitive person, who tends to constantly be pondering and thinking about something, about everything. So, I will be journaling, or blogging on here more frequently, about whatever my mind is taken with, along with being diligent about writing a small memory each day in my new beautiful journal.....for the next 5 years! That journal is quite a dedication that I hope I can live up to!

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