Tuesday, January 27, 2015

book talk: Death of a Library, Still in Mourning

I decided to stop back at the base library again today, mainly to give a small gift of thanks to the woman who organized this giveaway (a scarf I crocheted), and to peek at that back corner I couldn't get to yesterday to see if it was more accessible. There was definitely a huge difference in the number of books available compared to yesterday. So many books are gone! How exciting! I like the thought of so many people on base curled up with a good book tonight. I am glad I went back, I was able to peruse through more biography books than I could yesterday. I decided that I think I would very much like to read books that are letters or journals written by others. I have not ever thought about reading those types of books before, and actually, when I was younger, I absolutely hated those types of books. But last night I started reading a book had gotten from the giveaway, filled with letters and diary entries written by a woman named Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Not sure exactly who she is? The beginning part I was reading through wasn't really super interesting, but it occurred to me that I think I would really love reading this kind of a book, though possibly one filled with more interesting things. So while I was at the library, I filled up a couple of more bags with books to take home to keep. I found 4 books for my husband, which I was super glad of. I wasn't really able to dig through any of the books I thought he might be interested in yesterday, as that area was really saturated with other military dressed in uniform, trying to find their own books to take. I got him a historical fiction book, The Pillar of Light, which takes place during the time of Joseph Smith I believe. I read it a long time ago, and thought he might enjoy it. I also found 2 books on WWII, specifically about what was happening in the air during that time, as well as a super thick, nice book filled with a bunch of poems, essays, stories, letters, anything that revolved around patriotism. I am hoping he will like them! I found nothing for either of my girls today. As for me, these are the books that caught my eye that I am feeling blessed to have and anxious to read:

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