Sunday, January 11, 2015

book talk: a Celtic second hand find

The Celtic Quest in Art and LiteratureI came across this book, The Celtic Quest, by Jane Lahr and Greg Wakabayashi, in my local bookstore, which is mainly sells used books. This was a used find, costing me only $12, with the label stating the publishing price was $50. So I think I got a wonderful deal! It is an oversized hardcover book, more in the style of a coffee table book (approximately 10"x 10"). I am not generally a fan of gigantic books. I think they make for awkward reading, and they just aren't practical to take with you anywhere to read. I don't even find them easy to read in bed at night. However, when I found this book I could not resist. It is so beautiful! It says on the cover that it is An Anthology from Merlin to Van Morrison, so it is filled with poetry, prose, and folklore, accompanied with outstanding photographs and artwork.

It is such a beautiful book to sit down with and just enjoy. I love reading the poetry, learning the folklore, and simply just browsing through all the artwork displayed within the pages. This has become a book that I turn to frequently.
Have you ever purchased a used book that goes against your normal liking, and found it to be a hidden gem?

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