Saturday, January 17, 2015

handwarmers free crochet pattern

Created by paperdollmom, Copyright 2015

Materials: Loop & Thread Impeccable Yarn and a size I hook

-Chain 24, slip stitch in the first chain made, chain 2 (counts as the first DC of the round), DC in the next stitch
-DC around for a total of 3 rounds, making sure at the end of each round to slip stitch in the top of the first DC and chain 2
-2 DC (3 including the very first chain 2 stitches of the round), chain 5, skip 5 stitches, DC the rest around, slip stitch in the top of the first DC, chain 2, DC in the next DC (you have created the row with the thumb hole)
*When you make a second one, I would create the thumbhole towards the end of the round rather than the beginning, that way both handwarmers will have the "seam" of the rounds going underneath the hands rather than on top.
-DC around for a total of 8 rounds after the thumb hole
-Finish off

*My hands are somewhat small, I am guessing, so if you need a larger handwarmer, I would just start the initial chain big enough to fit around the thickest part of your hand and wrist, and go from there. Need it longer or shorter around the wrist or fingers? Easily adaptable by adding rows or leaving rows off. The bones of this pattern is rounds of DC, each row the same, aside from the one with the thumbhole, which is simply chaining 5 and skipping 5. I would say it would even be easy to use for kids size warmers, just knock down the initial chain to fit the child and maybe lower the thumbhole to only 3 or 4 stitches. Have fun and stay warm!

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