Monday, January 26, 2015

book talk: Lord Peter Who?

This is one of the books I was really interested in that I discovered at our base library while I was browsing for keeps. The cover was just striking, reminded me of Sherlock Holmes (which I was hoping to find, but sadly did not). It was getting kind of kicked around, looming out further into the path us book lovers created in that room filled with a massive piles of books. I quickly grabbed it up. It is in great condition, other than really, really yellowed pages. I did a bit of online looking, and it appears to be filled with short mystery stories, in which there are also novels available about the same character. This was my first pick of the pile to start reading, and so far I am still intrigued. I am surprised I have never heard of these books, especially since the cover states, "One of the greatest mystery story writers of the century." -Los Angeles Times. We will see!

Even more exciting, the inside of the book had this sticker  on it, apparently donated by a Mary Arenot. I, ironically, have the book in my hands to keep, exactly 30 years and 1 day after she donated it to the library. How fun is that? I love finding weird random books that I've never heard of, especially old ones, and even more so when they are British based books. I am hoping to enjoy it!

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