Sunday, January 11, 2015

everything is awesome!

This week seemed to crawl by, super slow. The girls started back into their school curriculum and my hubby went back to work. It always seems tough getting back into the normal week routine after having some time off. I really enjoyed having everyone home, able to spend time together without any responsibilities pulling us in all different directions. Friday was my oldest daughter's Remicade Infusion, which means a drive to the childrens hospital, an IV, and her sitting in a bed for several hours receiving her medicine. For whatever reason, that even went by incredibly slow! I believe she was already in the bed watching a movie with the IV in for 45 minutes before they even started the Remicade. This weekend was an indoor weekend for us. We usually try to stay indoors the weekend my oldest has her Remicade, to allow her to relax and to stay away from germs and viruses that might be going around. My husband worked this weekend, so it was my girls and I. We watched a few fun movies, the most recent being The Lego Movie, and I just have to say, everything is awesome!

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