Sunday, January 4, 2015

top ten bookish goals for 2015

I came across this meme from The Broke and the Bookish, and even though books are not my main new years resolution, I thought I would ponder on this and see what I come up with, which is really more of just my dream book desires for this year. 

1. I would love to find a new series I can just dive into, one that thoroughly captivates me. That is my goal continuously when it comes to books, as I know my reading tastes have changed over the past several years, and grown into something I don't fully understand.
2. I would love to pick a book that I just adore, have since my first reading, and just decide to collect beautiful copies that I find. I am a book hoarder, buyer, lover, and with my difficulty in understanding what genres and types of books that really pull me in now days, it becomes a bit of a problem!
3. I would love to actually start writing a book! I have been wanting to do this, more novel writing, which was my main New Years resolution. I have had a few stories rolling around in my head for sometime, but just haven't yet pinpointed what exactly I want to put the pen to paper for. I know, I just need to do it.
4. Utilize the library more. I tend to go straight for buying books, loving that feeling of it being mine, like it helps you to connect with the book on a more intimate level, as opposed to returning the book to someone else when you've finished reading it.
5. Continue to keep my daughters reading. I have been keeping up with their interests and trying to place books in front of them that they would enjoy. I got my youngest the Percy Jackson series, and my oldest the Harry Potter series for Christmas. I love sharing book talk with them, too.
6. Visit our local bookstore more. We really don't have a decent bookstore in town, just a small one, mainly used books. I need to take the time to explore in that store more often and discover the hidden gems that would otherwise go unknown to me.
7. I want to incorporate new reading rituals. Take a book outside more often in the summer, have reading picnics with my daughter, and just make reading more fun!
8. I would love to (though I know it wont happen) be less OCD about my books so that I can actually take them with me to my oldest daughter's remicade infusions at the children's hospital. I would love to not have the feeling that I need to keep them pristine and free of all possible germs.
9. I want to find a new favorite book this year.
10. I want to be dedicated in my newly purchased Jane-A-Day 5 Year Journal (filled with daily Jane Austen quotes).

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