Wednesday, January 28, 2015

book talk: handwritten letters

Letters of E. B. White I've been thoroughly enjoying Letters of E.B. White, one of my library books for keeps finds. I found this one the second day I went back to browse, and for whatever reason, instantly became my most favorite in all I picked up. I started reading it right away, loving it so far. I think I am right, that reading books filled with personal letters is perfect for me. This is quite a revelation, and is actually so amazing for me to discover, as I have been in search of what type of books would fit who I am now, for quite some time. This was really not a type of book that I had ever considered prior to seeing it laying on the floor, mingled with many others. I just love hearing about and understanding another's life. I think I lack so much interaction and closeness with people in my life anymore, that I even find myself saddened at the hardness that seems to fill the distance between me and family. I am really enjoying getting to know E.B. White, who is not only the fabulous story teller we all know through Charlotte's Web, but is also such a beautiful and humorous writer in his personal letters. I am finding it fun to read through the mundane things in his life that he seems to relay in the most choice words to his friends and family. There is just something sentimental about reading his letters, something comforting.
I am finding this interesting that I would be so drawn to these types of books, as I have been really wanting a pen pal of sorts for about a year. I use to have a pen pal when I was younger and thought it was so much fun. The process of pondering on your current life, displaying it so nakedly upon a page for another to read, just for them. I think that type of interaction brings something into a relationship, whether it is a friend, family, or love, that you cannot get elsewhere. I sort of miss it. I recently asked a friend of mine if she wanted to be write letters back and forth. We were quite close over ten years ago, but we both married and went on our ways to life, and have just grown apart. I don't always think that social media keeps people close, in the sense of truly being a part of their life. To me, it feels more like we are all just bystanders, watching each others life go by, through the computer screen. My friend happily agreed, but it sadly is not really panning out for me to honestly say I have a pen pal. Maybe it will pick up in the future. I have also been writing my grandmother, who doesn't seem to be responding to my letters as much either. Where has the beauty of pen and paper gone?
Anyways, I am getting slightly off topic here. I am thinking that walking into that crazy library with books tumbling everywhere helped me to find myself in books again. Even though I have been in libraries a lot, all you see are the spines, and only if you go down the isle and specifically look at that spine. It was neat to walk in and see the covers of so many books sprawled out everywhere, I was truly able to browse and discover books that I would not have otherwise. The added notion of keeping the books for free allowed me to think differently, willing to take a chance and pick up the books that caught my eye, not having to weigh in the book's price. I have been pretty lost in the world of books for probably the past 5 years or so, so this is a bit mind blowing for me to actually find a book that I am excited about reading. And E.B. White is quite the introduction into the world of letters!

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