Monday, January 19, 2015

book talk + crochet talk = pure awesomeness!
Today after my oldest daughter's GI appointment, we went to Barnes and Noble! The children's hospital is in a town with an actual bookstore, so whenever she has an appointment that doesn't leave her feeling icky (which is rare, because most of her appointments are for Remicade), we stop in and pick out a new book. My youngest was excited to see such a large selection of Magic Puppy books, she absolutely loves them. My oldest ended up picking a beautiful book made by DK for beginner sewers (though it doesn't resemble a DK book at all). She wants to learn more about sewing and all that good stuff. The book goes over fabrics, tools, techniques, plenty of things for her to learn about! I found several books I really really wanted, but I limited myself to just one, Crochet Borders. It is more of shorter oblong book, beautiful bright colors, filled with 150 different border patterns (including corners for each). I was super happy to find this, as I am loving Hairpin Lace Crochet so much, but I am not pleased with the normal finishing off that requires tassels or just hiding the end yarns (which is a lot of end yarns with barely no where to hide them). I have been searching online and trying to come up with a way that I like better, with no luck. So I was very excited when I pulled this book off the shelf, as I think it is just what I need. I will have lots of way to experiment with to find something I like! The book is filled with so many beautiful borders, and the colors they chose to display them enhance how wonderful they look. It has written instructions as well as charts. The back of the book explains the symbols for the charts, and also explains how to crochet certain stitches. The beginning of the book explains how to make sure you crochet the border around the edge of your project in the best way. I absolutely love this little book and can't wait to test out some of these patterns!

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