Monday, January 12, 2015

book talk: 2 new books from Barnes and Noble
My daughters' dance class was canceled today, and since we had to go out anyways, I thought a trip to a nearby town with a Barnes and Noble store sounded like fun! We turned it into a fun family day with Dad and enjoyed a lunch at Red Robins, then visited the bookstore and their local Disney store. This was such fun for us, as we don't have any of those 3 places in our own town. I searched and searched for something to catch my eye in Barnes and Noble, and was just not having any luck. I am really stuck. Not stuck in the normal sense of  reading, but really stuck about what books hold my interest anymore. I am trying to stray from novels to other types of books, such as anthologies or nonfiction. I eventually decided I would like a book on folklore or mythology; I was searching for a Celtic folklore book specifically, but wasn't too impressed with the several I found. I decided on The Complete Idiot's Guide to World Mythology. I'm sure it will be very brief in all of the explanations and information, as it is quite a big topic with a book that doesn't quite match up, but I figured it would be good to skim over all the different cultures and find one I would want to learn more about. I sort of love Dummies books, but as I couldn't find one dealing with folklore or mythology, an Idiot's guide will have to do. My husband and I decided that the bookstores should really have a section that is specifically for all the Dummies books, for people like me that just want to search through them and decide what new thing I want to learn about. That would definitely be my favorite spot in a bookstore. Instead, I wander around aimlessly, looking for that bright yellow and black spine in different sections of the store, trying to discover my next new interest. Maybe online shopping for Dummies book is the best way to go?
I also happened upon The Twilight Saga: The Complete Film Archives, which I was curious about. The Twilight book was sealed up, so I couldn't tell what it was like inside, but it was marked down to only $9.99 from $39.99, so I figured why not! I am glad I did. It is one of those types of books that come across more as a scrapbook than a traditional book, with several pretty envelopes with extra things inside them, photos stuck in different places. There is even signed posters in one envelope. I think it will be fun to sit and read through. I am looking forward to enjoying both of these books!

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