Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The One-Minute Writer gave the word prompt "start" today. I think it fits pretty appropriately for the beginning week of the new year. I think it immediately puts ones mind to thinking about what they want to start doing, not doing, or being this year. For me that is without a doubt, journaling. I mentioned in a previous post that I really struggled this December trying to understand what I wanted or needed to start in 2015 that would help me. I kept thinking in the back of my mind that I just wanted to focus on writing. This was extremely frustrating for me, as I had no desire to dig into poetic writing, stories, flash fiction, or anything of the kind. So than why was I consistently feeling I needed to focus on writing? It made no sense to me. Throughout my life I have mainly seen writing as a creative process, with a finished piece in the end. There is a ton of poetry, short stories, and flash fiction works here on this blog to prove it! Once I started to ponder the idea of simply just focusing on journaling, it started to make more sense for me. I have started journaling (or blogging) this week, creating new topics or memes for myself (to keep dedicated), and I am already seeing the wonderful changes it is producing within myself. I think over the past several years, I haven't felt like I had a place in my life to share my thoughts on topics that seem to haunt my mind. I did, of course, through my poetry during certain times, however my messages were always received much differently by readers (which is, of course, the nature of poetry), but that left me feeling unheard in many ways. On top of that, I am a deeply sensitive person emotionally, am a person that is also sensitive to energies, and an empathy on some level (that I choose not to explore further to help separate myself). All of these things tend to have me swarming with thoughts and emotions that I struggle with releasing, which causes a lot of strife within. So, this year, I will start journaling to help clear myself and to put my mind and body in a better place.


  1. Journaling is the best medicine! I know my life improved for the better once I started writing every day, even if it was only a little. I hope TOMW Can help if you ever feel stuck!

  2. Thanks! I have used the site for a long while now, mostly for creative writing pieces. I just never left any comments before now! It is nice to find a prompt idea when I am blank, or even just for fun!