Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jakk's Pacific Maleficent Coronation Doll Review, plus How to Remove Her Wings

I'm sure everyone knows what this doll looks like, she makes quite an appearance in the stores! I decided to do a quick review of her, mostly because I had searched everyone online for a how to remove her wings, so that I could hopefully do so, without ruining the doll. All everyone says is that the wings are not removable. Well, those in the doll world know that is not true. It may not have been the manufacturers intention to have the wings be removable, but since the doll and her wings are not molded in one piece, it is possible.
 First onto the doll:

She has a very creepy beautiful look to her. I believe she does resemble her in the movie more than the Disney doll. Her eyes are very bright, her lipstick very red. And this doll has hair!! This is my biggest reason for wanting this doll over all the other Maleficent dolls. She has hair.

With her clothes off, she is still never naked. I sort of love dolls that have painted on pieces of clothing, so I approve! I love it because I think it makes for easier play for kids. Kids tend to strip their dolls' clothes off, almost immediately. When the clothes are long lost, the doll is still suited to go to a swimming party! Find a random skirt in the toy box? She is ready for the day. 

Her wings are absolutely beautiful. The colors and detail outdo any fairy doll's I have seen on the market. Plus they work well with helping the doll to stand by herself.
Her boots are black with a brown heel, and very detailed. Hard to see in this photo, but I was very impressed with the boots.

Now, what did I like/dislike about this doll?
I loved most of what this doll has to offer. The creepy beauty intrigues me. Her face paint is bright and done very well. Love that she has hair, which is made with several different colors of brown. I love her headpiece, as it is the only one I've seen on the market that has a crow molded, laying across the top. I love when a doll comes with an awesome pair of boots, and this doll does not disappoint. Her boots are very detailed. She has joints on her neck, shoulders, elbows, and tops of legs. She is just an overall beautiful doll that I am happy to own! The things I dislike are very few. She comes with two arm pieces, one of which is suppose to resemble a blade wrapped on her arm. This piece is a little bit messed up and doesn't lay right on her arm. Her joints are definitely not made as well as other dolls on the market today. I was expecting this though, after owning a Winx Club doll, I knew Jakk's Pacific does not meet my standards in doll joints. The shoulders and tops of legs are perfectly fine, but her head has almost no movement, and her elbow joints are pretty pointless. Her elbow joints give her such a very small range of movement, I would honestly rather they just left off that joint altogether. This seems to be across the board with all the dolls I have gotten made by Jakk's Pacific. I am not a person that needs all the joints most doll lovers do. I actually prefer a doll to simply have the shoulders, tops of legs, and head joint. So when I find a doll with terrible range of motion in an extra joint, I will always wish they just didn't even put it on the doll. For me, less joints are better than fake joints! These things do not deter me from saying that I absolutely love this doll! All of her other qualities do make up for those lesser desirable joints. She is by far, one of my favorite dolls!
How to remove her wings:

Now for removing her wings. It is really hard to get a view of how they are connected, but I was eventually able to pull the block base of the wings up enough to see that you can easily remove them. I pulled them up (from the bottom) and once I saw a gap, I stuck a butter knife (careful not to scratch the doll's back) in the gap, and pushed the knife up like a lever to loosen the wings completely off. The wings themselves have a hole on that block, and the doll has a weird knobby part on her back that the wings fit onto. Personally, the weirdest way to put wings on ever...but the dolls back does not bother me at all. I am guessing that way was chosen because of the weight of the doll's wings? The doll itself is incredibly light after you remove the wings. Most of the weight of the doll is in her wings. After peering carefully under the headpiece, I can see that it is connected in the same I will not be removing her headpiece, as the strange knobby part wouldn't look nice sticking out on the top of her head. Even though I love her wings, I am happy to have them removable. They fit back on the doll nicely, and seem to stay on quite well whenever I want. I prefer them to be removable, because it allows me to crochet more clothing for her, and it is easier to do so. And again, things that are so large like these wings, if they are removable, it makes for much easier play for children. I always approach a doll from a play standpoint, as I think that is what they should all be for!

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