Monday, December 1, 2014

winter wonderland

I step out into the cold,
my naked feet deep in snow.
I wiggle my toes,
raise my head,
and inhale the winter winds.
I know it is cold,
though I don't feel it.
I don't feel the numbness
on my toes or on my face.
I don't feel the chill
on my skin.
I feel nothing but
the peace of such beauty.
I see a growing light up high,
almost blinding.
A light that wants to consume me,
so I walk towards it.

Written by K, Copyright 2014

*Written in response to one-minute writers prompt "winter wonderland".


  1. Wow! I've been looking through your poetry, and I'm really impressed! I already knew, of course, that you wrote amazing prose, but I really love your poetry! It's very lyrical and moving and real. I write a little poetry sometimes myself, but I'm usually only inspired at certain times. I'm not sure that I do that well when I'm "trying." I've found I do better just writing out a poem that comes to me during my devotion time with God, so I'm not sure:-/ But I'm going to try a little more now:D

  2. I think I was like you at first...only wrote poetry when it came to you type of thing. But I started this blog originally to try and dedicate myself more to writing, and started out writing for 15 minutes each day. Most of that was focusing on poetry. I also started taking some online poetry course at the time (which was basically getting info, trying to write an assignment, and getting feedback). That is how I really got into acrostic and haiku poetry writing. I think if you try to make it more regular in your life, you get into that frame of mine and it just starts to flow naturally. Glad you are enjoying my writings! You should definitely try to write more poetry....and share it on your blog, too!

    1. By the way, there are a ton of different type of poetry courses through the website I used, free to join and free to take the classes...all online. It is really fun and helpful to learn how to write new types of poetry.