Sunday, April 26, 2015

the tiny bobble

"For you, Darling," said the old woman. A long black cloak draped over her hunched body, the hood covering her face.
"For me?" The young girl said, perplexed by the object being held out towards her. It was a silver metal of sort, twisted and crinkled into a small ball, almost like vines, with a glowing red light peeking out from within. "What is it?"
The old woman smiled a crooked smile deep in the darkness of her hood. "Why, it is a bobble, Darling, a bobble."
The young girl moved a little closer so that her eyes could investigate the details of the bobble more closely. "I don't understand."
"What is there to understand?" The old woman declared as her other hand waved off doubts in the air. "It is simply a bobble, just for you." She pushed the bobble closer to the young girl so that it almost touched her nose...almost.
The girl blinked her bright blue eyes several times and tried to peer into the hood to see the woman's face. She thought she saw a flash of fire flames, but shook her head and focused once again on the glowing red light before her. "But why is it for me?"
"Why not?" Offered the old woman, her smile growing.
The young girl reached her right hand out, hovering just above the metal bobble, hesitating.
"Go one, take it, Darling," the old woman coaxed.
The girl took a deep breath and grabbed the bobble, feeling its hotness against her palms. "Why is it so hot?" She asked, once again trying to peer into the hood.
"Because it is working, Darling," the woman answered as she began to cackle a horribly. She flicked her black hood off her head to reveal a wrinkled face, green like a frog. Her nose was twisted and crooked with a large brown wart that dangled from the end. Her ghastly teeth were covered in grime as she raised her hands. The winds began to pick up, lightning flashed across the sky.
"What is happening!" The young girl exclaimed as the bobble seemed to melt into her hand. Small scales pierced through her skin, covering her arms and face.
"What have you done to me?" Lightning drowned out the girl's screaming as her body continued to change and morph until she no longer resembled a young girl with bright blue eyes.
"Now come, my sweet one," the old woman called as she turned and headed for the nearby woods. A small red lizard like creature slithered behind her, its forked tongue darting out in all directions.
"You must come and meet the others."


  1. *shivers deliciously* Ooh! 'T'is unfortunate, of course, but I really enjoyed it:D

    1. Glad you liked it! It didn't really turn out at all how I intended it to be, but I just went with the flow and ended up with a strange magical moment! LOL