Tuesday, April 21, 2015

my new art case

I took my girls to the craft store yesterday before their dance class, as my daughters were really wanting a set of the alphabet stamps to use after seeing me having so much fun with mine. I don't mind sharing, but they are cheap, so I didn't want to risk some kid wear and tear on my own set, and being as they were only $1 a set, I decided to let them each pick out their own. I ended up picking out a third font for myself since I am loving them so much, along with a new case to keep all my stamp and art supplies in.
Here is my new case. I purchased it with a 20% off coupon, so it wasn't expensive. It was actually in the beading isle, intended to store and organize beads for jewelry making. It has 3 compartments that completely separate from one another.
Here is my bottom compartment. It holds my 3 alphabet stamp sets and a new flag stamp set that I also purchased yesterday (again, $1). I thought the flag stamp sets might come in handy. I also have all my paper craft tape, Mary Engelbreight post its, my BIC marker pens, small clear stamping block, and a pair of scissors in this bottom compartment. It holds the majority of all my needed supplies.
Here is a close up photo of my most favorite stamps I own...my 3 alphabet stamp sets. I use them all the time and just love them!
The third compartment is right now being used for all my markers that I use for inkpads. I would like to eventually get a small set of mini markers to cut down on space and maybe completely eliminate the middle compartment. I may eliminate it anyways and store my markers back in my Star Wars pencil case; I am undecided. I will have to see which one is easier to use.
The top compartment holds all my stamps (cling and clear) and my pink book. I did add a few other stamp sets from my small collection (an origami stamp set, a winter/Christmas stamp set, a Julie Nutting paper doll stamp, and some Stampendous stamps) into this compartment, hoping that I will be able to utilize them. I really don't own a lot of stamps, this is most of what I own. I started purchased a few around this past Christmas, all during a 50% off sale.
I am loving my new case and having a lot of fun with all my supplies nicely condensed together for ease!

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