Monday, April 13, 2015

a magical pocket..and a journey ahead

My daughter's and I were pouring over books that we own today, talking of our favorites and most prettiest books. Then I had the most brilliant idea of have some book fun with them. We dug out a packaging from a Barbie doll kitchen set that measured 15 inches long, 12.5 inches high, and was 3.25 inches thick. I told my daughters, what if something happened and we all had to go on a journey, leaving all our belongings behind. We could each carry only one bag, which was filled with our necessities, leaving only one pocket for our books, which was the exact size of the Barbie box. What books would you take? We also made the stipulation that we have a magical object that makes the weight of our bag always remain super light. So, what books?
These are the books my youngest would pack inside the pocket of her bag. Mostly consisting of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, Choose Your Own Adventure books, and other random animal books. She loves cats, dogs, and anything cute and fluffy. Sadly afterwards, she realized she forgot to stick the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid in there, but the journey has already begun! She wasn't too disappointed about it though, she has plenty to occupy herself on our made up journey.
These are my oldest daughter's choices. She kind of dips her toes into just about everything, and seems to adore just about every book she reads. She is also a fellow classic lover, so she has a few in there, her most favorite being The Wizard of Oz. She had quite a hard time skimming down all her choices to fit into the pocket. I think she would have rather had her necessities in the smaller pocket and her books in the rest!
These are the books I chose, which I am not entirely sure I would really pick. I don't think my mind was in a great spot to be choosing for something so official. Plus, my large Garden Primer book takes up o much space. I also announced that if we were planning a journey, I would be sure to first get a copy of the right translation that I like for The Theban Plays.
So, if you had those dimensions of a magical pocket, what books would you stuff inside for the journey of your life?


  1. *gasp* I spy Inkheart and Fairest in your older daughter's pile! That makes me happy;)

    Yes, I think we have the same editions of that little red book, yours being Great Expectations and mine being Jane Eyre:D

    Ooh, what books would I take...sheesh, that's hard...I guess these: The Bible, something by C. S. Lewis, not sure which one, Peter Pan, Ivanhoe, LOTR...I don't know! It's too hard:D

    1. Have you read any books in the series Peter and the Starcatchers? They look cute! I stumbled upon a book that looked like it was a retelling of Peter Pan, it was really intriguing, but apparently was not. It inspired me to see if there were any other Peter Pan retellings aside from Peter and the Starcatchers. Have you read any? I found this list on Goodreads: