Wednesday, April 15, 2015

homemade bookmarks

I decided to pull out my laminator last night and do some crafty fun with my daughters. We were in much need of some nice bookmarks, and since we do not have a nice big bookstore in our area, not only does that mean we can't always get the books we are looking for, but it also means we don't have a good selection of pretty bookmarks. I found a stack of notecards, you know, those packs that are blank (or lined) that you can purchase for super cheap. We then decorated them however we wanted, using stickers and old magazines, to create bookmark masterpieces! Then I laminated so that they would last longer. My girls went a bit crazy and made a TON. My youngest mainly used Spiderman stickers and cut outs of pigs. My oldest used all kinds of stuff, from food to ancient Egyptians. We had a lot of fun! Here are the three bookmarks that I created, the front and back of each: