Wednesday, April 22, 2015

journal morphing...and Tokyo

I was thinking last night, wondering why I am creating a list journal when I have been keeping a gardening journal to record what is going on with my indoor herb plants. I love having some artistic fun in my new little journal, especially using my fun tiny stamps in colorful ways, but I have to admit, I really don't have my heart set on a list journal. It is fun, but I realized I would have just as much fun recording my gardening happenings in the same manner! I am trying to keep myself focusing on my herbs, sort of forcing myself to keep that up in my life, as it is easy to forget about, but is something that I know makes me very happy to remember. I really love the idea of spreading out that love into some artwork on a small level. SO...I am morphing my list/art journal into my new gardening journal. I have been keeping a pretty sloppy record up until now that I will put into my new book with all my stamps and markers, and continue on to record my plants in the same manner. I will probably still do some List My Life posts, as they are fun, but I may save those posts for more of a substantial read compared to what I've been sharing. I will also probably share some of my gardening journal pages when I have one that I especially love. Isn't it fun when you have an aha! moment?
On another, completely unrelated note...I finally found The fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift movie! That is probably the only movie in that series that I really like, and after seeing the series in Target not that long ago, I have been wanting to watch this movie again like crazy. It was not on Netflix or Hulu, and cost money on demand, money I would rather put towards owning the movie.  Everywhere I go seems to sell all the others in the series except Tokyo Drift, but I found it in Blu-Ray at Best Buy today (surprisingly for only $6.99- they had no DVDs). This is just one of those random movies that I find myself wanting to watch whenever something reminds me of it, and I am happy to finally own it! I think later tonight after my hubby goes to work and my girls are all done with their school work and off playing together, I will relax and watch this movie...with some yummy sweet potato chips and seasoned chickpeas to snack on. 


  1. Sounds like a good idea to me! Oh, yes, "aha" moments are great, aren't they? They give me such a feeling of satisfaction:D