Sunday, April 19, 2015

my crafty list journaling supplies

I've been having fun listing away in my little book, trying to figure out how I want to do them. I've been experimenting with watercolors, the paper craft tape, stamping, markers, and all the good stuff. I wanted to figure out what I like best before getting too far into the book so that I can kind of create the pages to be somewhat uniform or similar. Here is what I decided that I like:
This is one page that has all of the supplies I decided to keep together.
I will be using all my paper craft tape as little flags, to mark the start of each new list in my book. Using the tape any other way seemed to cut down on a lot of the writing space, which I didn't much like. I am happy that my paper tape will last a long time now, only using them for flags. I also have my Mary Engelbreit flags (or mini post its) in this pencil box as well, with a runner tape dispenser to adhere them to the pages. I have a total of 12 different Mary Engelbreit flags that have butterflies, fairies, and flowers on them, and 19 different paper tapes. I also keep my scissors and the 2 tiny alphabet stamps in this box. Which by the way, I absolutely LOVE the alphabet stamps. I will be getting a ton of use out of these. I still cannot believe they were each only $1.

These are all my tiny stamps that I've collected together to use in my book. I might add a few more that are a tad bit larger, but this is the majority of the stamps I will be using to decorate.
This is how I will be storing all my clear and cling stamps for use in my book. The left side has all of the stamps on plastic sheets that slide into the pocket, the right side has all small sheets of papers with all the stamps on them to make decisions easier. This little folder is actually a very old slipcover to a free pocket calendar planner I got at our dental office. This folds in half and fits nicely in my pencil box with all of the paper tape and alphabet stamps. A small acrylic block that fits all of these tiny clear and cling stamps also fits in my pencil box. I have had the acrylic block for a long time, and only cost me $1. If you are only using those alphabet stamps though, you would not need an acrylic block, as each letter is already mounted on a tiny piece of wood.
This is my Star Wars pencil case filled with cheap Artists Loft markers. I have had these for a while now, they cost $5 for 36 markers. I only use these markers as ink for my stamps (directly used on the page bleeds through). I use them on my alphabet stamps, and any of the other tiny stamps I want to use to decorate. The inkpads I own are too dark and show through to the other page, but these markers do not. I kind of like using them, they give me a lot of color choices. I also keep my BIC marker pens in this case, too.
I cut up a plastic sheet from a packaging to fit in my book nicely. I slip it behind the page I am working on to give me a slightly harder surface, and to keep me from messing up my other pages (I am quite clumsy with stamping).
All of these things will be my main supplies, which makes it easy. Most of it fits in my pencil box, with my inkpads (markers) in my zippered pencil case. I am still trying to decide how I want to add color. So far I have been using a set of chalk pastels I own, but being as they are a tad messy, I will be switching to my Crayola Twistables that I have owned for some time. I am trying to condense my supplies to the very minimal that will give me enough variety to still have fun, simply for ease and for expense.
Here is a short list of similar supplies and their prices, to show how easy it is to start something scrapbook-ishly fun:
1. scissors (you most likely already own)
2. black pen (you most likely already own)
3. alphabet stamps ($1 at A.C. Moore's, or you could look up fonts online and practice doing them by hand)
4. small decorative stamps (small sets $1 at A.C. Moore's, or you could draw)
5. paper craft tape for flags (3 rolls for $2.50 at A.C. Moore's, or you could even just cut your own out of paper you have at home)
6. small clear acrylic block ($1 at A.C. Moore's, but I have heard of a lot of people using a CD case as an acrylic block, which you probably have in your house)
7. any set of markers (you most likely have some in your house- if not- Crayola $2.49 at Target)
8. a book (mine was $5 at Target, but any unused notebook laying around your house would work)
9. any set of crayons or colored pencils for adding color (you most likely have some in your house- if not- Crayola Crayons $1.37 at Target)
10. your creativity (free!)


  1. YOU HAVE A STAR WARS PENCIL CASE. That's slightly awesome.

    1. Yep. I believe I picked it up in a souvenir shop in Florida a few years ago. I love it!