Thursday, April 30, 2015

Random Readathon April 2015

Well, since we didn't get fully enjoy the Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon last Saturday, I promised my girls that I would have a readathon with them sometime this week. Yesterday, we had our little readathon that I decided to label Random Readathon, simply because it was random, and I may possibly have another Random Readathon with my girls in the future!
It was an all day affair, though with kids involved, it turned into a lot of book challenges over reading, as my youngest would read in intervals of about 20 minutes and then be bored and wanting a break. I believe our readathon also didn't last long after lunch rolled around, but it was all good fun!
My youngest read a lot of her new book The Long Haul, book #9 in Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, written by Jeff Kinney. That series is her favorite at the moment, and she has been flying through them. She actually read most of that most yesterday, and actually finished it! What an accomplishment on our first Random Readathon!!
My oldest finished City of the Rats, book #3 in Deltora Quest series, written by Emily Rodda. Then she dipped into several other novels. She too finished a book, so what an accomplishment for her as well!!
As for me, I finished reading Found, book #1 in The Missing series, written by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I already posted my review of the book, so feel free to check that out as well! I am quite pleased that we each finished one book on our first Random Readathon!
Now, for the fun stuff. Since we had a lot of breaks, I had to come up with a lot of challenges on a whim, to help keep things fun and interesting. I wont go into the details of all our choices, because that would be a lot of work! But I will share our challenges in case one of you might want to start up a fun Random Readathon with the children in your life!


#1- A wicked witch captures you and puts in a deep, dark, dungeon. She tells you, in a creepy, croaky voice that you will never leave the dungeon, but she will bring you one book, one book only, to keep yourself entertained. What book do you want from the witch?

#2- What is the book you own that has the most beautiful cover in your eyes?

#3- You are setting off on a quest that will take you approximately 6 months to complete. You will be carrying all of your supplies in a backpack that you will wear, but you will also have a companion that is a mini donkey. This mini donkey can only carry a small box of books for you, the box being the size of a Raman Noodle box (you know, those boxes that contain 12 packages of Raman Noodles). What books do you put in the box for your mini donkey to carry?

#4- It is the end of the world. There are aliens attacking Earth, destroying everything. Your family discovers a portal that will take you to a new planet to live amongst a different alien race, a peaceful alien race. You don't have much time to pack, and you can only bring what you can carry. You place all your necessities into a backpack that you wear, and grab a few books that you can hold in your hands. What books do you grab to carry off into the portal? Remember, Earth will be destroyed, leaving no books to survive. Whatever books you choose will be the only books to survive in this new world from your home planet.

#5- This is a continuation of the last challenge. Now that you have your backpack on, the few books in your hands that you can carry, you and your family are off! Not long after heading towards the portal, aliens spot you and begin to chase you and your family. You end up having to drop all the books you are carrying so that you can run faster, except for one book. You try hard to cling onto one book as you flee through the streets to make it to the portal before the aliens reach you. What is the one book that you will hold onto and bring through the portal into your knew life? Only ONE of the few books that  already had in your hands! 

#6- Take a sheet of paper and create a book cover. Create the title of the book, the illustrations, do whatever you want!

Feel free to have fun with these questions and answer them on your own blog if you want! Or better yet...throw that Random Readathon with some friends around you!


  1. Oh what a wonderful idea! I love the challenges you made up. Awesome job!

    1. Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun with it.