Saturday, April 4, 2015


Last night we watched the first two Hobbit movies for the first time (aside from my husband having seen only the first one). My youngest has such a sensitive heart that immediately went out to Gollum. She was very upset after Bilbo had stolen his precious ring, leaving him so distraught. This in turn had my husband revealing more of his story, trying to convince her that Gollum shouldn't have the evil ring, and that he ends up being more of a hero of sorts. My youngest then proceeded to ask why there wasn't a Gollum day, leading us to declare the day before Easter, Gollum Day, to celebrate the eerie awesomeness that is Gollum. So, today was Gollum Day for us, which meant ordering pizza and watching the last Hobbit movie and the first two Lord of the Rings movies. I am wondering if we will actually remember Gollum Day next year, but I have to admit, it was kind of a fun random day to celebrate. The day before Easter? Why not! Anyways, so I decided to write up a quick Gollum acrostic poem to go with our lovely Gollum Day: 

Gently creeping, following
Over the craggy rocks
Lulled by his own voice as he
Longs for his precious ring
Urges of violence rising from the other
Man dwelling inside

Written by K, Copyright 2015


  1. This is making me grin in a most ridiculous fashion inside. I mean, THAT IS SO EPIC. And I love the acrostic poem, as well. (Happy Easter!)

    1. was a pretty epic day, that Gollum Day! Happy Easter to you as well!