Monday, April 13, 2015

just-a-list-of-random- questions-tag (with the 3 things about myself added)

This tag was started by Naomi over at Wonderland Creek, and I was specifically tagged by Olivia from Meanwhile, in Rivendell.

To participate, here are the rules:

~ Paste the button onto your blog post.
~ Leave a new list of questions (or just pass on the question list you answered) and tag a few people of your random choice (and say why you tagged them, if you have time!) (Be original and nonsensical in your question-creativity - make the blogging world a cheerful place :-) And be disastrously random.)

Now for the fun...
~Write down three facts about you - one of them is WRONG. Let your commenters guess in the comments which one is wrong (and tell them in the comments after a while)
~Answer the questions of the person who tagged you - make it all super random and interesting :-D

Animated movies- what's your opinion?
I like animated movies. I don't have much of an opinion about that, however, I very strongly despise movies that aren't animated that throw in animated characters. Such as The Chipmunks or The Smurfs. They creep and crawl under my skin and make me cringe.

Do you prefer earbuds or headphones?
I prefer earbuds over headphones, but I really prefer neither. I have pretty sensitive, weird, ears, and I can't use either of them very long. They all make my ears hurt.

What is one thing it seems everybody loves but you?
I discover that a lot. Such as, everyone seems to love the Anne of Green Gables book series, Divergent book series. Everyone will defend Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga, even though her books are filled with errors and poor writing, and the ending of the entire saga is a complete letdown. Harry Potter, books or movies...not my favorite or even close. 
Not book related...I despised the whole ice-bucket challenge that everyone was having a blast with this past summer. I hated that it was a perfect opportunity to spread awareness and compassion about a disease, and instead it was turned into a game.
That is more than one...and I suppose I should stop now!

Do you have flowers in your room?
Not real, or fake flowers, but flowers of sorts. I do have a blanket on my bed with some flower print on it. Does that count?

Do you like the sound of keys on a keyboard clicking?
This is quite random, and I have no idea how to answer that. I suppose I don't not like it...

Who is one fictional character whom you absolutely loathe with a burning passion?
Ahh, this is tough. I don't tend to have those characters wandering through my mind afterwards; my mind tends to ponder on the ones I liked, or the ones that perplex me. The ones I loathe, it is no mystery to me why, so they are detested during the book or movie, and then cast aside. But, I hate the slimy little characters that manipulate and help create messes, then bow out cowardly and run for the hills. I especially despise them when their life continues to be spared over and over, and they continue to be a slime. An example, simply because I watched it recently....that gross slimy guy in the last two Hobbit movies, the guy that was an advisor or whatever to the other guy that governed that little Lake-Town. Every time he was on screen, I would just yell in frustration, "Why is he still alive!" And then seeing him hiding all dressed up as a woman. What?!

Are you a procrastinator?Not really. I am probably more the opposite, to a quite annoying degree. Unless my OCD is involved. If it is a task that triggers my OCD, I will dread it, agonize over it, and keep putting it off until I can no longer.

Shoes or no?
I use to love going about in the summer without shoes whenever I could. But now I don't think my OCD will allow that. In my house shoes ever. Shoes are not allowed in our house once worn outside and must be removed immediately upon entering.

What are movies that take you back to the dear old days gone forever?
Hmmm. I am not sure. Movies will take me back to those dear old days, but I think that watching them again kind of revives that time a bit, so it doesn't feel like they are gone forever. But I get what you are meaning. The Last Unicorn, The Little Mermaid, Charlotte's Web, The Secret of Nimh, Rikki Tikki Tavi, and The Devil and Daniel Mouse.

Pens or pencils?
I rather like using pencils when I can get away with it. I usually tend to try and make everything I write perfect, so I like that I can erase and fix sloppy moments.

Now I suppose I am to create 10 new questions? Here they are:
-Socks or barefoot at bedtime?
-Soda or pop?
-What do you generally tend to use for bookmarks?
-What are your top three most favorite things to do in the whole world?
-Hair up or down?
-If you had all the means to do so, what would you do at this very moment?
-What is your favorite color, and what do you think it means about you?
-What is your favorite season and why?
-What is your favorite classic author, or classic book?
-If you had all the time in the world on any given weekend to have a TV marathon, what TV show or movies would you choose?

Who do I tag? Basically anyone that reads this is free to join in the fun....but if you do, please leave a link in the comments to your post link so that I can check it out!

Oh, and I forgot! 3 things about myself, one of them is false. Can you guess which one?
1. I use to live in New York.
2. My favorite food is pea soup.
3. I have seen the northern lights in person.

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  1. Thanks for doing the tag!

    I'm that same way with movies that aren't animated but throw in animated characters. Sometimes I can do it, but it's pretty rare.

    Haha! I was kind of annoyed about Alfrid (the Laketown guy) at first as well, but after that he sort of amused me at times, I confess;)

    Your lie...I thiiiink I'm gonna go with you living in New York, but then I can't remember if in that one conversation we had a while ago, you said that you hadn't personally seen the Northern Lights, but your husband had...oh, well. I'm still gonna go with New York:)

    I might comment back later with my answers to your questions XD