Saturday, April 18, 2015

List My Life: New Project

I have revealed on here before that I am a tad obsessed with watching crafting and art videos on YouTube. I have been wanting to do something scrapbooking-ish (though on an extremely small scale...I hate messy crafts) and wanting to find something to replace my five year journal. I don't like traditional journaling, something about writing my most inner deepest thoughts and feelings down somewhat freaks me out, the permanency of that for anyone to read makes me extremely uncomfortable. Why I tried the five year journal, having to only write down one memory a day. The downfall in that was that my mind doesn't really work like that...fixating on only one thing and trying to squeeze it into the tiny space provided. I ended up finding myself dreading the moment I had to choose, as if I was just picking something, anything to jot down. I came across the idea of "lists"- apparently there is an online community of crafty women who journal through lists on a daily basis (though I think they view it more as art journaling). There are monthly challenges, which give a question for each day, and you basically journal the list that answers the questions in any sort of way you choose. All the ones I've seen sort of do it up in a pretty little book, reminiscent of scrapbooking or multi-media artwork.
I will admit, I've been fascinated. I thought it would be really fun to give it a go, so today I went out and got a few things to get me started. I got a small pink book that is 6 1/2"x 3".I thought it was the perfect size, plus, it's pink and only cost me $5.  I also picked up a package of different colored Bic marker pens to write my lists. I could not believe I found a ton of alphabet stamp sets that were so itty bitty, for only $1 each. They had so many different font styles available, but I just picked two different sets. The only other things I wanted was paper craft tape and little colorful paper flags. I did not find any flags, but I lucked out in finding a bunch of paper tape. Everything I found was a tad too expensive for what I wanted to spend, but at the last minute I discovered these boxes. Each box has 3 different rolls, and they were on sale 2 for $5. I spent more than I wanted to on the tape, but only because I knew I wouldn't find such a good deal later, so I stocked up, giving me quite a large variety to choose from now. I also pulled out all my stamps that I already own and put all the tiny ones that would be fun to use in this project together for easy access. I also own a set of cheap markers that I will use on the stamps (my actual black ink pad is a bit too dark and shows through the papers). I also remembered that I have a bunch of Mary Engelbreit post it tags that are quite pretty.
I will also be sharing my lists on my blog. I would love to have any of my readers join in the fun, even if you simply blog your lists. I will be creating my questions to be quite person for myself, so they may not all apply to you, however, if that is the case it should be pretty easy to adapt it to fit you. For example, if I want to list why I liked a specific movie that you haven't seen, simply replace it with a movie you have seen. If I make a list of toys my daughters are into right now, you could make a list of makeup products you are into, or whatever suites who you are! All my lists will be easily found under the tag list my life, or in the archives. I am not sure yet if I will be sharing photos of what I do in my book or if I will just type up my list in a post to share. Either way, I think it will be nothing but fun!

*That is a photo of my first list in my book, though it is not that great! I have never really used paper tape before, so I was kind of experimenting. Hopefully (fingers crossed) my pages will get prettier!

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