Thursday, April 2, 2015


Breezy sea air, filling my lungs
Edging through my body
Always that lull, that swooshing of the waves
Ceasing my worries and pains
Honoring the slippery spirit within

Written by K, Copyright 2015


  1. (This'll be a response to a number of your recent posts, just for convenience's sake.)

    YOUR POETRY! I'm jealous, I'll freely admit;) I mean…wow. Honestly, you have such a gift for crafting warm poems that resonate with other people. Brava!

    Oh, and I see you started a new herb garden! Good for you! I'm not sure that I'd ever have the patience for that, but we'll see, maybe someday:D

    1. Glad you are liking my poems! And I am not yet sure if I will have the patience for my herb garden! Well, patience I think I will have, but the actual ability to keep them thriving is something I struggle with sometimes. I usually do very well with succulent plants. Have kept them many times indoors very successfully (but not so successfully when I moved them all outdoors...which is why I no longer have them). Other plants, not so much! We will see...

  2. Oh, and I'm VERY glad you're back!!!:)