Wednesday, April 1, 2015

National Poetry Month!

Since April is National Poetry Month, I am thinking that I will celebrate it on my blog by trying to write some new acrostic poems. As I was exploring different types of poetry at the birth of this blog, I grew quite fond of acrostic poetry, amazed at how such a simplistic form can be used to create such wonderful images. Plus I love how it feels like you are piecing together a puzzle when you write an acrostic poem. I would love to say that I will post a new acrostic poem every day throughout the month of April, but I have a lot of doubts I will be able to accomplish that, as I have been struggling lately with dedication to things. But, I will try to post as many as I can.
If you would like to join in, please feel free to leave a link in the comments to your own poems for me to check out. If you you'd like to write your own acrostic poem specifically, here are some instructions and three examples in case you are unfamiliar with them:

1. Choose a word (or phrase) and write it down the left side of your paper.
2. Create each line of your poem now using each of the letters down the left side as the first letter for each line. Easy-peasy!



Broken pieces
Amongst the carpet
Underneath the tree
Bleeding toes
Lights aglow
Evening time for tea
Written by K, Copyright 2013 
Listlessly rocking, keening
Against the rocks
Memories flooding
Engulfing her while she watches
Nymphs swarming, slithering
Through the waves
As waters rush aboard
The ship, his ship
Insensible, the scene before her
Offensive waters pulling him down
Never to be seen again

by K, Copyright 2013

There is a Pirate in my Pantry
Tossing and turning, awoken by a
Humming and singing, almost a chant
Emanating from somewhere, leaving me
Randomly searching for its source, until my
Ears guide me to my pantry door

I stand before the closed door, many odd
Sounds hidden behind, my curiosity peaks

Aprehension rises from within as I hesitate

Palms sweaty with nerves as I pull open the door
Indiscreetly ready to discover the culprit-
Right before my eyes stands a miniature,
Able-bodied pirate gathering up all of
The cookies and pastries I had stored to
Endulge in whenever I see fit.

It's mine! He hollars at me, drawing his
Nougat sword, waving it all around

My sweets! He adds, his uncovered eye twinkling
Yellow candies roll from his pockets, bouncing,

Pattering on the shelf as I attempt to
Answer this strange thwarty creature, his
Naked feet scampering around
To collect my favorite peanut butter treats
Rhymes and chants fling from his mouth as I
Yield my pantry to a goody thieving pirate

by K, Copyright 2013

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