Monday, April 6, 2015

new leaves and a gardening journal

I am super happy to discover lots of leaves coming through on my bare mint plant. I ended up having to trim it down even further, to the point of no longer having any leaves and barely any stems. I was worried that it wouldn't recover. But I woke up this morning to discover a lot of teeny tiny leaf beginnings, ready to burst! How fun! I know they are hard to see, even with all the big arrows in the pic, but they are there! I am extra pleased to see the one sprouting up from the dirt, as that means a whole new stem, in which the plant desperately needs a healthy one. So maybe I have a slight green thumb after all?
I've also started to keep a gardening journal, to basically keep track of when I got the plants and what happens to them. I can record their harvests and repottings, things of that nature. I am hoping it will help me to be successful in this new endeavor. The book I am using is a suede book that my oldest daughter gave to me on a mother's day a few years back. She got me two at the time, the other one I've been using for poetry. This pretty pink one I've been saving until I could figure out something else wonderful to do with it. I love the color and embossed design on the cover, and the pretty endpapers inside.
While being busy trying to keep my mint plant alive, I also noticed that chive plants don't do well with their roots exposed through the glass canning jars. I have used canning jars a lot for indoor plants and have never seen this occur in a plant before. All of their bright white pretty roots started turning brown with the sun shining onto the canning jars. So, I decided to crochet some pretty off-white slip covers for the jars to help cover the chive's roots. I wanted all my plants to look uniform in front of my window, so they each got a slipcover. I will probably have fun switching the slipcovers out at times, to be festive during different times of the years. I was wishing I had enough of a springy yarn color to make all the slipcovers, but off-white was all I had enough of to use. I still think they turned out cute! And now my chives can be happy once again.
I am loving that I am remembering how much growing things makes me happy.

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