Wednesday, April 1, 2015

a new mini garden

I am back a tad bit earlier than I thought I would be. I just thought I might share that I have decided to start an indoor herb garden. I have been wanting to do this for several years, though my OCD has prevented me from taking on the task of caring for plants again.
We were in the grocery store this past weekend and I saw their little stand amidst the produce full of small herb plants. They actually had a mint plant, which I have been looking for over the past year. I really love the smell of mint plants, and my last one died when my OCD set in quite severely and prevented me from tending to it. So, my giddiness had me snatching it up immediately. I was a little bummed to see that most of the leaves turned brown within a couple of days, so today I spent some time plucking off a ton of leaves and parts of the plant that looked unhealthy, and gave it a kick-start of some seaweed mixed in water. I am hoping that it will survive and flourish now. You can also see my amaryllis bulb in the picture, my only surviving plant after my OCD became so severe. I am happy it is still with me...though it did not grow very much or very long this year and is back to its stubby bulb appearance.
My husband went to the grocery store today, so I asked him to peek at the herbs and pick me up a few more to get my little indoor herb garden started (they were only $2.99 each). I was really hoping to get a basil, but they were all out. My hubby did bring me home a rosemary, parsley, and oregano, so I am quite happy. I plan to go out later this week and try to hunt down a basil plant, and possibly one other herb to round it out to 6 herbs. I also moved a non-working portable fireplace we have (that sadly stopped working last year and for some reason we have yet to get rid of it) in front of our only useable tiny window in the living room to have a nice spot for all my plants. I will also be replanting them all into something nicer; I am never fond of those cheap plastic pots they come in. For now my set up is a little kooky, with a laminated bingo sheet beneath all the plastic pots to prevent any water leaking onto the fireplace, but I am hoping it will do awesome and look awesome in the near future!
I also dug out a couple of wonderful books I was pretty excited to snag at our base library when they were giving all the books away for free. I really enjoy looking through any gardening type of books, so I am please to now own The New Kitchen Garden by Anna Pavord and The Complete Book of House Plants by John Evans. So I will be much enjoying the beauty of my new plants and enjoying learning about the art of growing that maybe my thumb will actually turn green this summer!

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