Friday, April 24, 2015

dolls and books

I passed my oldest daughter's bedroom, where both my girls tend to play, and saw something that made me smile:
I cannot believe I am seeing books being pulled into heir play with their dolls! That makes me incredibly happy. My oldest daughter was always a reader, always loved books. I remember when she was a toddler, she gravitated to playing with board books over other toys. She will engage in book talk with me anytime of the day and fawn over beautiful books with me. But my youngest, she absolutely hated reading and anything related to reading up until about this past year. She despised reading, books, magazines, and had no problem expressing it. My heart has been melting a lot this year, watching her grow to love books and reading. She grabs a book to read every night before she falls asleep because she "probably should", and grabs a book to read first thing in the morning when I wake her. I even catch her reading books here and there throughout the day. Not only is that happening, she sets her Kristoff doll up to be looking over the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series while a bunch of other dolls are enjoying some other wonderful books! It is fun to see.