Friday, February 20, 2015

What are my favorite books?

I decided to take some time tonight to think about my favorite books. I haven't really done that in a long time, if ever. I've been answering all of these questions in participation to a lot of blog events lately, and I am finding myself to be feeling like a deer in headlights. So, I wanted to make a list, mainly for myself. For me, a book will make my favorites list if it is a story that absolutely captivates me and remains in my mind, lightly dancing around until I can take it no longer and have to crack it open again. These are books that I have read again and again, or have plans to read again and again. Here they are, in no particular order:

Great Expectations 1. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I have mentioned this book many times before. Dickens' writing is absolutely beautiful, and I love the tale of Pip. His life is full of so many characters that are so colorful, it is hard not to find one that you adore. My specific copy is an adorable small, red hardcover that my husband gave to me as a gift. I love the story and absolutely love how beautiful my book is as well! It is a joy to sit and read.

The Christmas Box Collection: The Christmas Box Timepiece The Letter 2. The Christmas Box Collection by Richard Paul Evans. This book contains the three novels in this trilogy. I tend to almost always crave to read the first book in the trilogy during the late summer of every year. I find this story just remarkably peaceful. It is even possible this is my favorite book, as I tend to grab this book to take along in my purse whenever we are evacuating for hurricanes. This was a gift from my husband on our very first Christmas together.

The Official Quotable Doctor Who: The Wit and Wisdom of Doctor Who 3. The Official Quotable Doctor Who: The Wit and Wisdom of Doctor Who. This is a book that I purchased, felt was overpriced and not my normal choice of books, but I am so glad that I did. I love sitting down and reading through all the quotes from Doctor Who. Doctor Who is filled with so many profound deep thinking quotes (along with hilarious ones), it always makes for a good read.

Beowulf and Other Old English Poems 4. Beowulf and Other Old English Poems, Edited by Craig Williamson. I have not yet finished this book completely, but I have read enough to know that I love it. This book is truly a magnificent translation that keeps that true feel of the old English, but still written in a way that it isn't too hard to decipher the meaning. I actually spent a really long time over probably a good year, trying to find a really great translation of Beowulf. I am so happy I happened upon this copy.

My √Āntonia 5. My Antonia by Willa Cather. I have mentioned this book several times. It is a book that truly transports you to the prairies so vividly that it feels like you can breath the air straight from the pages. This book really helped me get through one of the toughest times in my life. I do love Willa Cather's writing.

The Secret Magdalene 6. The Secret Magdalene by Ki Longfellow. I first read this book right after it was released. I happened upon the hardcover in the store and just had to read it. Probably the first time I ever went ahead and purchased a full priced hardcover book right after being released. It was a book that really helped me to understand that I have it in me to make my own choices and follow my own path in regards to spirituality. It is an amazing novel that really leaves you thinking. The writing style is very beautiful and easy to read as well.

Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace (Star Wars, #1) 7. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace by Terry Brooks. Yep, I am a Star Wars fan. I love the movies, read a lot of the books, and even play the online game with my family. It has kind of become something that our family shares and enjoys together, which makes it all the more fun. This is a great novel, one that I feel really showcases Padme and Anakin's relationship in a more realistic, lovable way, compared to the movie. For me, this is a comfort novel. When I am feeling bummed or just blah, I can grab this book and start at the beginning, and I just love it.

The Three Theban Plays: Antigone / Oedipus the King / Oedipus at Colonus 8. The Three Theban Plays by Sophocles. I really really want this specific translation. I do not yet own it (though I own a different translation), but every time I come across this version in a store, the copy is always in pretty bad condition. One of these days, I will get this book in my hands! I do really enjoy these plays though. Antigone is honestly the only assigned reading I remember having to do in high school, and I remember loving it. It somehow popped into my mind several months ago and prompted me to seek out a copy of the three plays for myself to enjoy again.

The Eyes of the Amaryllis 9. The Eyes of the Amaryllis by Natalie Babbitt. This is a kids chapter book that I adore. This tale is so amazing! It has the ocean, treasures, grandmas, death, ghosts, and eternal love wound through all the pages. It is really a magical story. I absolutely love it!

I do notice that my list is missing my much loved fairytales. I think that is because even though I have read many, love many, I don't have any in mind that I would add to my favorites list simply because I don't see myself rereading them. I guess I need to find one to add to my list this year!


  1. Someday I'll get around to reading Great Expectations. It WILL happen, eventually;)

    Oh, by the by, I found a copy of My Antonia at a thrift store recently, so I'll have to read it soon! How does it end: happy, heartbreaking, or bittersweet?

    STAR WARS. Always and forever.

    1. My Antonia...hmmm. I think how you view the ending is determined by the reader. And that is all I can say! I liked the ending though, I found it to be a nice message overall.