Wednesday, February 11, 2015

the laughing Jane Austen

I found myself thinking about movies that make me laugh through someone else's know who you are! I am a person that rarely laughs out loud in movies or films. (However Modern Family makes me laugh quite a bit). But I was pondering on what movie I thought made me laugh consistently when re-watching. The Jane Austen Book Club immediately came to mind. I absolutely love this movie, one of my favorites. The entire movie is filled with modern day characters that are portraying the main characters of Jane Austen's novels, while actually holding a Jane Austen book club. Brilliant! But there is this specific part in the movie that always makes me laugh, when Grigg (the only male in the group) pulls out this gigantic book filled with all of the Jane Austen books. You know the kind. Those ones in bookstores that are ridiculously huge, the ones that would be so uncomfortable to actually sit with and read, the ones you find and think to yourself, who would ever buy that? Grigg! He pulls out that massive book and plops it on the table in their first meeting, completely shocking all the women. I am even laughing as I am trying to explain this. It cracks me up every time. I could not find a good youtube clip of that part to share, so you will have to do with the trailer (that shows a small part of it). If you have not seen this movie, you need to!


  1. I've heard of this movie before and wondered if I should watch it…sounds pretty funny;)